Rob McSweeney


Rob McSweeney

 Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor
GYROTONIC® Specialised Equipment

Rob became a teacher of the GYROTONIC® method after a desk-bound career as a journalist and years as a keen cyclist and swimmer. Picking up along the way a wealth of first-hand experience of injury and dysfunction such as RSI, lumbar spine and hip problems.

He began GYROTONIC® exercise nearly ten years ago and is now moving with more freedom and enjoyment than at any time in the past few decades. GYROTONIC® exercise has also tapped into Rob’s lifelong interest in yoga, he began teaching himself from books in his teens. Instinctively drawn to a discipline that brought release through movement, connecting mind and body in a totally different way to competitive sport.

Rob has a deep understanding of the instinctive need for movement, the frustrations of pain and injury, and an appreciation of the joy to be found in a free and expressive body.
Indeed the thing that first excited him about GYROTONIC® exercise was how much fun it could be.

His class also emphasises awareness: the more we can feel the way a movement can engage deeper parts of the body, the more we are able to access deeper sources of strength and mobility.

But more than this, the beauty of Gyrotonicis in the way it goes beyond many other kinds of exercise to bring a positive change not just in the way you move, but in the way you feel your body, the quality of your relationship with it.

When he is not in the studio, Rob is also an amateur painter and loves hanging out in the playground (often literally) with his two young children in Stoke Newington.

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